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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Feel the genuine greatness

As you go through this day, make an effort to notice one
small, insignificant little frustration that you'd normally
get upset about. Then do yourself a favor, and simply let it

Experience, in that small way, the freedom of being in
control of the way you feel. And realize that you can extend
that control to every situation in which you find yourself.

The little things most certainly do not have to get you
down. And neither do the big things.

At any moment, the way you feel is the way you choose to
feel. The way you respond is the way you choose to respond.

Do you really wish to be under the control of those who do
not have your best interest at heart? Of course you don't.

Base your feelings on the unique, valuable person you know
you are, and on the positive possibilities available to you.
Feel the genuine greatness of this moment, and you can bring
it to life.

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