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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Banner Exchange Plus

A brief introduction:

The free webmaster banner exchange is a great way to get more traffic to your web site. Become a member and your banner ad will be displayed on other members' sites. We boast a generous 5:4 impression ratio as well as bonus impressions for each click from your site!

What is a Banner Exchange?

A banner exchange is a free service designed to help you advertise and promote your website. By inserting a small piece of code that we supply onto your web page, you will display banner ads from other exchange members, and in return, your banner will be displayed across the banner exchange network. Advertising online will bring more visitors to your website and with our premium targeting system your internet advertising campaign will bring quality leads and customers.

Why are we better?

Our banner exchange software is optimized for results. Active members are rewarded for their impressions, clicks and referrals.

We have a real-time anti-cheat system that monitors the performance of all web sites in the exchange. Your impressions are guaranteed not to be wasted by cheaters!

When you sign-up, you'll get:

  • A very generous 5:4 display ratio

  • 1500 FREE impressions to start for Exchange Users

  • 500 FREE impressions for Advertisers

  • Option to purchase additional impressions or clicks

  • Up to 10 banners for each of your ad sizes!

  • You can run a total of 30 ads in 3 different sizes!

  • Ad sizes: 234px X 60px, 400px X 60px and 468px X 60px ad sizes

  • JPG, GIF, PNG, FLASH and HTML ads accepted

  • Your own ads are NOT shown on your own site where you place our exchange code. Most other banner exchanges will waste your impressions by displaying your own ad on your own site. We will not!

  • Join as an Exchange User. "Exchange Users" get 1500 free impressions to start and can participate fully in BannerExchangePLUS by running banner ads and earning additional impressions/clicks. Exchange Users may also purchase additional impressions and/or clicks for a nominal fee.

  • Join as an Advertiser. "Advertisers" can simply run ad campaigns without having to post our banner code on their website to earn impressions and/or clicks. Advertisers will get 500 free impressions to start and may purchase additional impressions and/or clicks.

  • Real time statistics; detailed statistics for each banner

  • Detailed graphical statistic for each hour, day and month

  • 25 Bonus impressions for each click from your site

  • 250 Referral Bonus impressions for every new exchange user who signs up from your site

  • Categorize your campaigns

  • Target by country

  • Optional daily email with your statistics

  • The ability to pause your campaign when necessary

  • Much more ...

    Sign up here!

Only problem is, is that I'm stuck on uploading the image. I don't know why, but maybe because I am tried, because its starting to *Tick me OFF*...I need a break...

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