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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blogger tips

The most important thing for any blogger and his blog are the readers, and everything should be done in their interest. Here are a few tips;

Become a guest blogger yourself. As you start contributing content for other blogs you are gaining more insights with your work with the readers of those blogs and thus gaining popularity for your own blog.

Give people different options on how they want to subscribe as readers like e-mail and different RSS feed readers (e.g. Google Feed Reader). Some may even prefer feed readers depending on their Internet browsers.

Sign up for Feedburner as it provides a variety of popular tools and options like tracking, statistics and social media links.

If you learn to use social media websites correctly then you’ll have good number of quality links forwarding search engines towards your article or content. If properly used, social media websites like Digg or can drive free traffic towards your content and articles.

Choose articles, which haven’t found much importance in the past but need the due attention.

Bylines are where the authors of other articles are credited for their writings. If your target audience is special, mention it in the byline.

Never forget to mention the advantages and benefits to the readers as to why they should subscribe to your blog or post.

Be more creative in your articles and try to invoke thought provoking ideas in your readers.

One important thing that you should keep in your mind about blogging is that the content you put up should really be unique. It should differentiate your site from all others.

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