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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Entrecard...Things have cHanGeD

Ok, we’ve had a pile of feedback about the pricing change, and I don’t think I have to tell anyone this was not our smoothest implementation ever. There are a number of common questions I thought I’d start answering.

What happened to my price!?!?

Ok, we posted a blog entry about it and a few forum posts here and there, but what has been crystal clear as a result of this exercise is that we need a much, much better way of getting important stuff out there. As a result we are going to implement an “Emergency broadcast system” to help us communicate important information to you all.

For specific details on the new pricing system, see the blog posts below.

My price is way too low/way too high!

This will fix itself, it may take a day or two the the ad prices will rise and sink to the level that people are generally willing to pay.

Again we are partially at fault here. The pricing was far more disjoint from the old algorithm than we were expecting. Our cursory examination didn’t reveal the extent of the problem. What we should have done (go hindsight!) is to meld the two prices over the period of a couple of weeks so there was a smooth transition.

What does “Most popular” mean now?

It’s the same as it was, the drops you receive on your widget are what contributes to your popularity rank.

Is Entrecard still taking 75% of the ad revenue?

Yes, however we will reduce it if we can, we’re giving it a few days for teh economy to settle and an indication of long-term advert spending to become clear.

Why aren’t I getting email notices of ads at the moment?

We had to turn it off, ads had become so popular that people were getting bombarded with email. We will bring it back in a day or two with a single, combined email per day of outstanding ad requests.

If you’re having trouble that could be fixed, please do post to the Support forums or the feedback box on the dashboard and we’ll do what we can.

Finally, we truly do believe this is an enormous step forward for Entrecard. We believe it will provide more attention to more users, increase the amount of cross-promotion in the network and improve the flow of the economy.

Thankyou also to the many users who have been giving us the thumbs up, and offering words of support. You have never seen panic like the eyes of a site programmer who suddenly realizes that the new feature he just put live was vastly more popular than he expected and the server is crumbling under the load!

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