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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Feed Count


This brings us to the point of the RSS Feed Count. The most popular feed count displaying little sidebar image is from Feedburner and it works great. Just take a look at my feed count

. I’m sure you guys have seen blogs with this little image that shows a number. Well, this number represents the number of subscribers to your blog either through a feed reader or e-mail.

A few tips on getting the best out of your Feedburner Subscribers Counter is to place the code into your blog once you have reached a certain amount of subscribers. When I first opened Bloggin-Ads, I inserted the code into a sidebar widget before I even received 10 subscribers. I do not suggest you follow the same thing because visitors look closely on subscriber counts now. USUALLY, the higher feed count you have, the more subscribers you will have, so finding the right time to place the code into your blog is up to you. You may even want to beautify your feed count when you are ready with the FeedCount Plugin that shows numbers rather than that ugly subscriber box.

How To Find Fakes?

Finding fake stats is pretty easy if you know what you’re doing. I have mentioned the steps before, but I’m going to recap on it once again.

  1. Check the blog’s Alexa stats
  2. Check backlinks with DNScoop
  3. Check the comment counts on posts (don’t count the author comment)
  4. Check if the RSS counter image’s “IMG SRC” points to FeedBurner and not a self-hosted image
  5. Check if the blog receives actual advertisers
  6. Check if the comments are from Entrecard members

I added #6 in there last because Entrecard brings in a lot of these fake bloggers…:(

Don’t Assume

Although I say that a lot of blogs are fakers…you should not assume things like how I do. Bloggers hate me for assuming so many things, but I think I am right 99% of the time. Most cheaters will never ever tell you the truth and cheaters usually have a small network of buddies that will aid in his/her argument.

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