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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Font Colors

"Font Color Codes"
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1. Black #000000
2. Silver #c0c0c0
3. Gray #808080
4. White #ffffff
5. Maroon #800000
6. Red #ff0000
7. Purple #800080
8. Fuchsia #ff00ff
9. Green #008000
10. Lime #00ff00
11. Olive #808000
12. Yellow #ffff00
13. Navy #000080
14. Blue #0000ff
15. Teal #008080
16. Aqua #00ffff

Note that some of the darker colours such as Black or Navy still tend to wash out against the background. When using a background image or background colour, choose your text colour carefully in order to make it easier to read. In some cases you can just type the color name.

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