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Friday, May 15, 2009

Link Popularity


Building Link Popularity
Obtaining a higher link popularity is the key to obtaining higher rankings. Many search engines use link popularity (number of inbound links to your website) in their ranking algorithms. They give considerable weight to the quality of your inbound links, placing importance on the fact that the inbound links are relevant to your industry. Establishing and maintaining a quality linking strategy will help improve your rank and raise your positioning.
The G3 Group provides linking building plans that can enable us to find quality link partners and automate the creation and tracking of your inbound links and link pages. We use a mixture of reciprocal, directory, and other one-way links from relevant sites to help achieve the goal of establishing your website as a strong member in your industry's Internet "community."

Linking and SEO
One of the most important parts of any search engine optimization (SEO) effort is link management. In case you do not know, a link is defined as follows:
"Using hypertext, a link is a selectable connection from one word, picture, or information object to another. In a multimedia environment such as the World Wide Web, such objects can include sound and motion video sequences. The most common form of link is the highlighted word or picture that can be selected by the user (with a mouse or in some other fashion), resulting in the immediate delivery and view of another file. Also called hypertext link and hyperlink... Links are what make the World Wide Web a web." (Source)

Since links are so important to the web, search engines give links that lead to relevant content more value than those that do not. "Hypertext links" are the most important type of link for SEO purposes. An example of a text link: search engine optimization services. In this example, the link leads to our SEO page and uses the "anchor" text "search engine optimization services." You will notice that the link led to a separate window, which is by design.
how links work to help ranking
Links are very important to search engines because they have one goal in mind: to provide content that is relevant to the searcher's query. Sites that are well linked-to from other sites that provide relevant content, especially if the links are text links, tend to perform better in search engine results pages. Google™ uses something known as PageRank™ as part of its ranking algorithm, which is based on how many inbound links a page has from other popular pages. The websites own navigational structure is important too: many websites that do not properly link to other pages within the site are losing valuable link popularity.
G3 Group devotes considerable resources to ensure that our clients are well linked within the web. We research and discover directories and other websites that would be likely candidates to help a client increase and maintain a high link popularity.

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WebbieLady said...

I read each and every word of this SEO advise but it seems a lot of work. I am still in the confusion stage as the sites I left alone, they get high PRs but the site I really worked hard at, is still having a PR of zero! Such a shame!

Researching the niche is such a long process. I think how people or searches respond to the post or article also helps it a lot. One of my articles is only having a PR of 0 but daily it gives me at least 30 people from Google and maybe this is unique? But NO! There are a lot more similar posts like it. SO how did it come to first page in some searches? I think how the first few searchers responded.... they clicked it more over the other search results...

Just an idea... am never an SEO person. ^^

Sorry MeeMoe, this is a comment for this post but it did not allow me to post :( .. I don't want it wasted so I posted it here.


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