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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Should the the blogger have to put "rel;"nofollow" on the link to his/her comment page?
They say probably not, because lots of interesting discussion can happen there. Also, if other people link to my comments page, a spider can follow that link and find any spam that's lurking on the comments page.
The best way to add this attribute are the actual links that other people can create. So on this blog, for instance, only the links within comments and the link immediately after "posted by;" would get the rel="nofollow" attribute.
Google states that we are not required to do anything, that updating the software that generates these pages will insure that most bloggers get these changes automatically, but I have not noticed a big difference.
your question will probably be next, will Google recognize the "nofollow" keyboard when it's part of a space separated list, According to the HTML spec, the value of the rel= attribute is a space separated list of link types. Absolutely, they will practice the "be liberal in what you accept" philosophy, which means recognizing spaces, commas and, in fact, most punctuation. But they strongly recommend using spaces as separators to follow the specification.

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