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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Explode your Entrecard traffic

5 tips to explode your Entrecard traffic.

Here are 5 simple tips to increase your Entrecard traffic all for free.

1. Drop your card like a maniac.

Each and everytime you see an Entrecard widget which will probably happen often as more and more bloggers are adding it to their website , drop your business card.

Also, Chain drop. This method is basically having a list of URLs where all of them have Entrecard so you can come back to them each day and drop some more. Since this process is fairly long and annoying , i have managed to find a Nifty little program which is called the Entrecard Browser.

This tool is a courtesy of Joe tech. What it does is basically this: Every time you click on Next Site, you will be taken to the Entrecard page of a blogger where you can click on their link and drop your card once you find the widget.

Note: You should drop always 200 worth of ECs in a daily run . Also, this browser is still in Beta so duplicate sites might be shown and once you close it , you have to restart everything from scratch so i suggest using the tool once a day and then come back 24 hours later.

2. Finding the right business card.

The default business card you can select is a bit bland so i suggest finding a snazzy image with an even better description. Make it as short as possible while keeping it informative.

3.Buying some cheap advertising.

You can buy exposure for as low as 2 EC a day by going to the Latest Entrecard users section Just purchase any advertisements available with the lowest price possible.

Why should you make these payments you ask?

Because each and every time a new user comes in , his ad fees are set to 2 EC/day that means that if a popular blog with 100k visitors per month were to use Entrecard for the first time , his ads would still cost only 2ecs.

4. Holding contests.

Making contests that have prizes such as 1000 ecs will surely create buzz about your blog and attract a lot of Entrecard users.

I recommend asking participants to post a small post about your contest to be elegible for it so that you can gain exposure and backlinks.

5. Making the bot-like visitors stay.

Chain droppers often drop their crap then leave immediately afterwards so you need to make these buggers stay and become your audience.

There are 2 ways for this:

First, place your Entrecard near the top of your blog as the CP will be quickly annoyed if they take more than 10 seconds to find your widget. I will probably visit a bit around if i like the design of a blog and haven’t wasted much of time finding the goddamn thing.

Second, these viewers only look for one thing only: Your Entrecard widget. So where’s the best place to put something to attract them and to make stay? Anywhere very close to your Entrecard ! and what is probably the subject that will catch their eye? Anything about Entrecard of course!

Placing a hyperlink to one of your posts about something related to Entrecard like a contest or something to maximize traffic will surely bait these droppers to one of your posts.

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