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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Poems...FuNNy

Christmas is nice
Christmas is that time of year
When everyone is filled with cheer
And our New Year is nearly here
And people put beer. In their ear.

There's turkey in the oven
And drunken people lovin'
And witches in a coven
And doves. Dovin'.

People hang up mistletoe
In hopes that they can kiss a ho
Or get pricked with a thistle though
They never seem to. Oddly.

A Christmas haiku
Christmas is a time
where people give each other
a whole bunch of stuff

A Traditional Christmas;
Christmas is coming
The geese are getting fat
But eating geese at Christmas
Makes you look like a twat

I knew a man who lived in Bath
His name was Pete
He drove a Rover
Every Christmas he bought a car
But every year
It was the same
One year I asked him vacantly
"Why drive the same
Car every year?"
He turned to me and smiled and said
"They're not the same,
My new one's red"

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