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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Chicken Run...

Tangled in masses of confusion
Rememebering that life was never for fun
its all an illusion
we never really have a conclusion
its a delsuion
we end up contusioned
it feels like a foregone conclusion
and seems like an optical illusion
but all we really need is God's way of life's transfusion
we all allow rediffusion
by the time you finish reading this,
you'll have a lot of confusion
rhyme or reason
even through all of the seasons
just when you think your day has won
life throws you another fast one
you can mock the sun
scream and holler your life is done
then you think you just had a rerun
so you get a call from your loved one
then to them your number one
so maybe it was all worth it in the long run...
silly me, its just one of those chicken runs


Bill said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my
posting. I see you are very busy with all your blogs I only checked out this one so far, and I like what I see. Your writing is really good and I will return to see more . So long for now and keep up the good work.
Have a good one and take care. Billy

McDreamer said...

Wow, you're such a good poet... Enjoyed reading your literary pieces! Thanks for visiting my site...