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Monday, November 12, 2007

Product Reviews - Affiliate Programs

Product Reviews - Affiliate Programs

Can you really Make Money with ClickBank® Affiliate Programs?

From the Corporate Office.....

The World Wide Web is fast becoming the "gold rush" of the 21st century. Millions of businesses have sprouted up all across the internet selling a variety of tangible and intangible products. Millions of people have quit their day time jobs and are making a lot more money and spending a lot less time operating their own Internet business.

ClickBank® Affiliate Programs have emerged as an ideal way for many to make a significant income on the World Wide Web. As an Affiliate you operate as a virtual sales person, selling products on behalf of other companies through websites or other means and earn a commission for each sale you make. Some affiliates are making literally thousands of dollars per day selling products through websites, email, etc.

ClickBank® is a leading, third party affiliate processor. ClickBank® processes payments on behalf of companies who have products to sell (vendors) and pays predetermined commissions to affiliates who generate sales on behalf of the vendors. Because ClickBank® is a third party processor, you can be assured you will be paid for all the sales you make.

Unfortunately, for every Legitimate Affiliate program on the WWW, there are literally thousands of money making scams. Our objective is to bring you legitimate Affiliate programs that can generate a significant income for you. We have spent literally hundreds of hours reviewing ClickBank® Affiliate programs and have weeded out non-producing, non-effective Affiliate programs.

The following websites offer legitimate ClickBank® associated affiliate programs and we have found them to be the best in their respective category. The affiliate programs have been rated on many different factors including commission percentage, return rates, yrs in business, support, customer service and much, much more.

Opening a ClickBank® account is Quick, Easy and best of all Free. Simply click HERE

We have gone to great lengths to make sure you are presented with the highest possible affiliate programs.

We hope you enjoy!

Happy Bidding

Affiliate Review Quick Reference
The following table lists Affiliate detail for the Affiliate Programs we cover in this review. To view the detailed review for each site, please click on the "Affiliate Program Name" link and you will be routed to the detailed review.

Affiliate Program Name
Click Link

Our Rating

Commission Rate

Return Rate

One Time Fee
Uncle Sams Money


< 3



< 5

Grant Sources


< 5

Survey Scout


< 10


Affiliate Program Detail
Detailed Reviews for the Best Affiliate Programs are listed below. To get more information on a particular affiliate program, please click on the "more information" link or the affiliate program name and you will be directed to the associated website through a new browser window. To return to the Quick Reference Table, simply click on the "back to table" link.


Review: This is by far one of the best affilaite programs available. The core product (government grants) is highly desireable and this product and affiliate program have been around for several years - a lifetime by Internet standards! Customers get 13 Free bonuses with purchase and the Free bonuses alone are worth significantly more than the base price. Affiliate benefits include...

* Very High Commission Rate - 75% Commission Payout ($29.25 Payout)!
* Very Low Return Rate - Less than 3% Total Returns!
* Highest selling Grant Program on Cickbank!
* Ranked # 1 in Clickbank "Finance" Category - Indicates High Sales/Click Ratio!
* Ranked in top 10 Clickbank Programs under "Money & Finance" Category!
* Very High Demand Product!
* Great Free Bonus Package attracts Many Purchasers!
* 90-Day "no questions asked" guarantee generates higher affiliate sales!

Final Verdict: This affiliate program really has it all - the highest sales volumes, best overall core product, superb bonus package, the best customer service and much more. This winning combination generates high affiliate sales and low return rates which means the best profit margins for any potential affiliates. This program is simply the BEST OF THE BEST and receives our TOP RATING for Affiliate Programs- 9.9/10 and our TOP RATING for overall rating- 5 Stars.

Product Price: $39.95

Your Commission : $27.96

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