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Friday, November 16, 2007

Inbetween the Lines

Blogging can be quite simple if you can read between the fine lines, its set up almost exactly like my space blogging. MySpace Blogging is about competition, and getting recognized, and blogging through Google I have to admit is similar like MySpace.

Trying, to, Busting your ass off (excuse my French) to get as many bloggers to read your Blogs, (now I was going to say Bull-crap, but I thought I'd be nicer), and the only way the bloggers like you and me are going to read each others blogs is to read theirs and so as many blogs you read, maybe 8 out of the 10 blogs you read, those bloggers will read your blogs. And who said it was a small world? every blogging site, company, like Bumpzee, Stumble, twitter, Facebook, digg, MySpace, newsvine, etc, etc, all seem to bump into me or I bump into you, but it just seems like we are all going in circles and I don't feel like I am going anywhere, except following the leader, but who is the leader?

Please check out my newest blog from Wordpress, I really like the should try user name is meemoe no spaces, that exactly the way you search for it in Wordpress...I feel like no one probably will, but what the heck...I'll throw it out there anyways...have a great weekend !!!

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