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Monday, December 3, 2007

Shoes, and more shoes

My daughter Alex has a shoe fetish, every time she goes into the store she has to look at the shoes. Even know she has over 50 pair a shoes and she is only 20 yrs old, shoes are what she feels she has to have. Ever sense she was a little girl she has always loved putting on everyones shoes and loved it when I bought her a pair of shoes.

So I asked her why so many shoes? and she told that it was because she need a pair to match all her outfits for her job. The shoes have to at least match on of the items she is wearing. If she was wear a blue blouse, she would need blue shoes, but if she didn't have blue shoes, she needed to change the blouse or buy a pair of blue shoes.

she has to wear sweater that has has to either be black or white and she has have a purse to match her shoes, or would it be easier for her to match her shoes to a purse, sense she only has two sweaters, but life can become quite complicated because how many pair of shoes will actually match all of her clothing.

so...pick a shoe any shoe...

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