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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mesquite Nevada (Small Towns)

Mesquite Nevada is a small town, one in which I use to live in. In 1996 through the year 2000 I lived in this small town at the time I first moved there, there was only one stop light. They didn't have a postman to deliver mail, they only had a post office. There was only one store there and it was called El Rancho Market, mostly Mexican food. Then everyone was excited when they put in another market which was called "Smiths" and things there were a lot cheaper. If you wanted to go to a Super store like Walmart or K-Mart then you had to either drive to St. George, Utah or to Las Vegas NV. Utah was only 45 minutes away and that is where my grandson was born. My oldest daughter was going to birth in home but the baby was breech and she had to have an emergency c-section.

Mesquite is really not the place to raise children because of all of the casinos and gambling. Even know they had a High School and an Elementary school, there really wasn't to much for the children to do except play in the schools or the arcades in the casinos.

I notice now that they do have more park like baseball and football parks in which the children could get interested into sports which is a good thing. I miss Mesquite, but its really only suited for tourist. I lived there enough yrs to find out that its not a place to permanently live. Mesquite is where I got divorced because of the addictions in this little town that parents or adults get into, it also has gang members and drugs, my grandson Mikey family is from this area.


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