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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have been tagged by two different friends to post a MEME, one was FlyGirl and the other was MsterHK, so here goes, of course without getting to personal.

1. Love love reading poetry of almost all kinds, and I love reading the history of ancient poetry writers.
2. Fireplace and wood stoves to me is very romantic and makes the house warm and cozy.
3. I'm a softy, most people try and take advantage of me, but I am getting tougher.
4. I am very slow, when it comes to comprehending things, I have to read, reread and read again on most things.
5. The computer is part of my

Now I will tag 5 other friends...and ya better play the game...;)

2.Mr. Grudge
3.Sugar queen dream
5.Erik Hare

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