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Friday, February 1, 2008

Free IQ Video

Time Driver is a free application that lets people schedule appointments with you, on the phone or in person. It’s great for coaches or consultants, for example, who schedule one-on-one calls with clients. It can sync with Google Calendar or Outlook and has a desktop application, too.

Google has made changes to its blog search engine, so that if it indexes a comment on a blog, it lists the comment next to the link to the original blog post. This will give full credit to the original blog where the comment was posted, as may help cut down on comment spammers.

Iterasi is a new web tool that allows you to save, catalog, and share the content of complex websites. It allows you to save a snapshot of a dynamic website so you can go back and look at a page just as you had seen it before, even if the content changes. Much more powerful than a bookmark, this allows you to be able to view a page of Digg, for example, just as it was five days ago. And you can email the saved version to others, as well.

Link Diagnosis is another great SEO tool. You type in a link to a webpage you want to inspect, and you get back a full report of PageRank distribution, the number of incoming links, and the more popular pages on the website. And it has a Firefox plugin that gives you a more complex reported.

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