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Friday, February 15, 2008


Entrecard is a great way to advertise your blog, they are like business cards you place on your website and others pick them up on approval. goal was to improve the Blogrush model as much as possible. People wanted more control over what appeared on their sites, where their ad appears, and most of all they wanted more traffic. The Entrecard model takes all this into account, and solves it in logical ways.

Entrecard is for bloggers only, and high quality blogs at that. This insures that any Entrecard ad you click brings you to a high quality blog.

Entrecard offers complete control over your ads. You pick the blogs you want your ad to appear on. You pick what blogs appear on yours by approving.

Entrecard gives you full control over your credits. Send them to people as tips, sell them for money, transfer them to different accounts, and do with them what you please. You can even spend your credits in the shop, for graphic design services, SEO consultations, comments on your posts, advertising, blog reviews and more. We try and make the credit as valuable as possible so that you can sell them for cash and earn some money, or purchase other really useful items.

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