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Monday, February 11, 2008

To feel guilty

The Propensity to feel guilty or anxious about our behavior is a character trait that is commonly found today. Most of us are uneasy about certain aspects of our personalities. Often we blame ourselves even when our behavior hardly merits any punishment whatsoever. A certain level of guilt is, of course, necessary for some awareness of conscience. Indeed, its complete absence would be symptomatic of the extremes of psychopathy. Excessive self- abasement or recrimination, on the other hand, reveal an equally neurotic and unbalanced attitude.

Those who have persistent feelings of guilt often have an over-zealous religious background, with ideals of behavior that cannot be matched in real life. However, this is by no means the only cause. In terms of activity of the brain itself, the persence of an overriding sense of guilt could equally be caused by the limbic system with- once again the villain of the piece- an over-active amygdala that is continually being kept on an uneasy alert twenty-four hours a day.

I have been reading about that is very interesting, about the brain and how our emotions and the way we act forwards certain things.

The book is called "Who are you?"
and 101 ways of seeing yourself
by Malcolm Godwin,
I bought it Barnes and Noble a year ago.

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