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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today I feel dingy and dizzy. My head is clouded probably due to pain medications, I just feel very unfocused and confused. What do I blog about? everything is too confusing and it frustrating. Anywho, I am going to mention communities because thats what I've been trying to focus on the last few days. I've joined many communities and today I have decided to take a break on most everything. The reason behind joining all of these communities is to meet more people and get more traffic flow into my Google blogs. Have any of you visited my blogs? if not, try and check them out, I could use some input on how you all feel about them, Links are listed below;

1. Blink
4. Blogoria
5. Spurl
6. Propeller
7. BibSonomy
9. Faves
10. Netvous
11. Indian pad

My Google Blogs
1. Across this bridge
2. Marketing myself
3. Struggling parents
4. When life become a book
5. Read Between the Lines
6. Internet Lifestyle
7. The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery

If you happen to bump into me on any of the above communities, give me a holler or join in with me and add me as a friend...have a great rest of the week !!!

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