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Monday, January 7, 2008


In most cases, responsibility cannot be successfully shared.
When it's not clear who is responsible, then in effect no
one is responsible, and disaster often results.

When everyone assumes that it is someone else's
responsibility to get the job done, then the job never gets
done. The alternative, in which everyone involved assumes
full responsibility, creates the most successful outcomes.

When I have chosen to shoulder the responsibility for
something, it can feel burdensome. Just imagine, though,
what an even greater burden would result if there was no one

Responsibility creates and maintains the conditions that
make advancement and achievement possible. And the most
powerful, useful, effective kind of responsibility is full

Though others may also be responsible, that's no reason to
reduce my own level of responsibility. When everyone makes
the commitment to be fully responsible, truly great things
can happen.

In responsibility there is enormous opportunity, for working
through challenges, for achievement, for fulfillment and for
much more. Whatever the situation, choose to take full
responsibility, and there will be much value that I can

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