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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Subscribing to my blog

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I am posting the box below and the links below are links to my other web blogs, so if you would like to subscribe to them, the box is on the left side of my blog. I maybe posting similar information about this in my other blogs.

The last few nights I have awaken to anxiety. My heart beats out of my chest and I have to get up and the time is usually around 3 am. Sound crazy? well I had a change in medications, my Doctor prescribed Norco's as a pain relief instead of tramadol. I think that Norco's have something to do with it, so I've decided to not take the Norco's so late in the day. Norco's are a narcotic, where as Tramadol aren't. Last night I still woke up at 3am, but at least it wasn't because of anxiety. I just felt like I'd had enough sleep, I went to be at 7:30am, and if you think about it, thats 8 hours of sleep and I slept really good.

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