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Monday, May 26, 2008

Everybody wins

Everybody wins.

Project Wonderful is an online advertising broker with an innovative model that brings fairness, transparency, and profitability to the advertising process.

We're all about making online advertising more profitable and easier for everyone involved! Our own members will tell you how good we've been for them, as both advertisers and as publishers.

Here are some of our newest Project Wonderful publishers at the 100, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 hits/day levels - they're just starting out, so it's likely you'll be able to get a great deal!

learn about the system
Find out more about how we can get your message out, and how your website can earn you money!

learn more about how to advertise, or use our search engine to meet our publishers. Find advertising opportunities at the price you like.

Your website can earn you money, every second of every day. Sign up here.

I have $4.59 active in your account.
At this exact moment, I am bidding at $0.00 per day, and bids on my ad boxes are earning at $0.10 per day.
These values will fluctuate with bidding.

(non-active ad boxes)
Display Trends
(past 30 days) $0.00$0.000 active,
0 NYA,
0 PA,

Using our search engine, you can search all our publishers offering advertising space and place bids on any advertising that you find appealing. You can even choose to be notified whenever a new advertising space meets the criteria you've set, so nothing will ever pass you by. And be sure to check out our templates page where you can see these ads at full sizes, and download files to help you build your own ads.

Campaigns allow you to easily bid across thousands of sites, and you can start a new campaign at any time.
Simply search for the kind of sites you'd like to advertise on, and click on "Create a new campaign!"

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