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Monday, March 31, 2008


Why Am I Not Getting Business?

Many new bloggers slap up a blog and expect to become overnight successes. There is no such thing on the Internet. Realize that boosting your business reputation with a blog takes time, effort and perhaps some investment. You knew that your business would start small and grow… Why do you expect different from your blog?

Make sure your blog represents your business well. It should reflect your business image properly, it should include showcase samples, a contact page, information about you and information about your services or products. Make a checklist of what you’d like to know about someone else’s business – and then see if your blog fits the bill.

Hum...I am a little S L O W

I’m Still Stuck for Ideas.

Since blogging is a long-term affair, eventually it feels like there’s nothing left to say. You’ve covered all aspects of your business and given out all the advice you know. Lately, you’re spinning your wheels on writing something you feel is interesting. Pressuring yourself to write only makes the feeling of having nothing to write worse. Now what?

Now dip back into your archives. Pick a post – any post. Close your eyes and point your finger. The paragraph you land on is the basis for your new post. Expand on it. Contradict it (yes, you can do that). Debate it. Do a pros and cons post. Update it with the latest news.

When Should I Write?

Irregular consistency can kill a blog faster than Russian roulette played with a shotgun. Too much blogging can send your creativity plunging downwards until it disappears. Not enough blogging makes your blog (and your business) appear to be one that is failing.

Your posting frequency should be the right frequency for you. Some authorities suggest more and some less, but one recommendation is constant across the board – post regularly. Decide on the number of posts per week you can handle, pick a regular day for publishing, and get at it. There are no wrong answers.

And if you get sick or have an emergency to deal with? You’d call in to advise your employer you couldn’t make it to work, right? The same goes for your blog. Post a short “I’ll be back note” and go take care of real life.

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