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Friday, March 7, 2008

Confused about "Paid links"

There is a controversially on machine-readable disclosure for paid links through Google. Apparently Google is going to be looking at paid links more closely states "". "Google whats You. "Remember that Uncle Sam poster where his finger points directly at you no matter where you are standing?" quoted by the website "", Well it looks like Google is taking over for ol’ Sammy and pointing it’s omnipotent finger at every person on the net who is buying links, also quoted by them. Click the links to read more.

To tell you the truth right now, I find Google to be extremely frustrating, because I haven't been able to access my account to find out if I've earned anything. They put a hold on it, even affiliates are rip offs, that is probably how Google earns soo much money is by ripping us off, the people who don't understand any much about blogging.

I totally agree with Mutt Cutts @, he makes more sense.

So ...why don't we see too many blogs with Google ads on it, why? doesn't anyone else like the Google Adsense accounts? Is anyone else frustrated with trying to access their account? Google doesn't make an 800 number or contact info other an Google ask Adsense help. Why is it that they don't have a direct help line?

litmus pricing is expensive ... check out the rates "Click Here OUCH..

Different website like,, SUPER, and are links referring to machine-readable disclosure for paid links.

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