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Monday, October 29, 2007

My Lifestyle in a Pill Bottle

Pills run my life, every 4 hours, if I don't take my medications I am in pain to the extreme. Sunday morning around 12 am I started with a migraine headache triggered by spasms in my neck. By 8am I called my Mom to take me to the emergency room because I could stop dry heaving, because my neck and head hurt so bad. My Mom was going 50mph in a 35mph zone, causing me to puke even more. they took me to the back room where it was dark but my head and nausea continued. They finally started an IV and gave me darocet and fenanol and it took some of the edge off, so they sent me home (My Boyfriends house).

I told my Boyfriend (Ted) that I needed to go back to the hospital because I could feel the head, spasms and nausea coming back, so he drove me there and this time they gave me injections. One was tordal and they other was vistual, it took all the symptom's away and I felt so much better. I had spent from 8am until 6pm in the hospital emergency room. I get headaches often now due to the spasms in my neck and shoulders, sometimes I wonder if anyone believes me...;(

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