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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Money...Is it the air we breathe?

I have been on the Internet, trying my best on getting traffic flow through my 6 blogs through Google and 1 with MySpace, 1 with yahoo 360 and other sites just trying to get noticed. Its been crazy on how hard I have worked to get any cash flow, and today so far I have made a big 9 cents, and yet yesterday I made 66 cents. I have made as much as 3 dollars in one day struggling through that to make it happen. Laugh if you must, but am I the only lame one out there that doesn't make shit for dollars? shall I give up? whats the strategy? is it making friends, affiliates, bloggers...WHAT...and does anyone even read my blogs? I alone here? tell me what the heck I am doing wrong....I am open for advice...;(

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