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Friday, October 12, 2007

Harvest Rewards

The influence of each action continues long after the action
has been completed. The power of each thought resonates far
into the future.

Think and act as if each thing you do will start a chain
reaction. Because that's exactly what will happen.

Exercise control over the big, obvious issues in life and
you'll have some measure of success. Learn also to control,
direct and focus all the thousands of little things that few
people ever even think about, and your success will be great

Each tiny little fraction of a moment is an opportunity to
make a difference. Bundle all those opportunities together
in the service of your goals, and they will bring
spectacular results.

With each and every thing you do, with each thought you
think, with every word you speak, you are planting seeds.
Those seeds continue to grow, long after the moment has

When a positive, purposeful attitude permeates your life,
those seeds you plant will develop into powerful, enduring
expressions of your most authentic self. Give your best to
each moment, and you'll harvest the rewards over and over

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