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Monday, September 10, 2007

Just because you noticed me

That kiss is what I miss so much
your passionate touch
making my body sway like such

You felt my desire
as you sit and perspire

Touch me and kiss me once more
you may find us on the floor

Rainbow of colors you are
making me feel like a shinning star
bursting, burning kiss of desire
tells me you care
sending sparks within, and throughout
making me silently scream and shout

Moving your hands across my hips
kissing me passionately on my lips

I can live on that kiss
I cannot tell you in words how I miss
your eyes of fire
tells me how much you desire

Its kisses like that
that tell me you miss me
just because you noticed me

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Dean Baker

very sweet

Posted by Dean Baker- Tuesday at 8:51 AM
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Thanks Dean, and thanks for becoming my new reader...

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on- Tuesday at 10:09 AM
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Be careful-- those who send sparks are not properly grounded.

Posted by Bob on February 13, 2007 - Tuesday at 9:40 AM
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Thanks Bob...Hugs !!!

you always have the cutest comments

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on- Tuesday at 9:53 AM
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Albert, simply put

And the best part, is that this one leaves me breathless... ;)

Posted by Albert, simply put on- Tuesday at 10:04 AM
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Thanks Albert, great comment !!! I have missed all of you !!! Hugs !!! SuPeR WiNkS !!!

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on- Tuesday at 10:08 AM
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lovely write! I missed you... Good to see you back.

Posted by Piroska on Tuesday at 10:41 AM
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Thanks Piroska, I have missed you too...Huge Hugs !!!

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on- Tuesday at 11:43 AM
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I've been reading you for months now and this is another example of good craftsmanship. Thank you.

Posted by Doug on- Tuesday at 10:44 AM
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Thanks Doug, you stuck with my poetry through thick and thin...Hugs !!!

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on - Tuesday at 11:42 AM
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shifting pair o' dimes

so sweet!

Posted by shifting pair o' dimes - Tuesday at 11:12 AM
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I have missed you...Thanks !!!

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on - Tuesday at 11:41 AM
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Posted by (((ray))) on - Tuesday at 11:34 AM
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your such a cutie !!! thanks for the heart...Hugs !!!

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on Tuesday at 11:40 AM
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There is nothing better than a great kiss!

Posted by TheOgrePoet on - Tuesday at 11:43 AM
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I am so happy your still my reader, I have missed you, Thanks !!! Hugs !!!

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on- Tuesday at 11:44 AM
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I can send a cyber smootch - mwuah!

Posted by Gary on- Tuesday at 11:57 AM
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how sweet you are. Cyber smootch back at you...MuAh!!!! and Hugs of course !!!

Posted by *~mOeMaLiNa~* on- Tuesday at 12:07 PM
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Mel, who wants to stay in the light

This could be set to music ... so nice to see you writing again.

Posted by Mel, who wants to stay in the light on- Tuesday at 12:35 PM
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"I can live on that kiss"

Love that line! Awesome poem, Moe. Kissing is the best!

Posted by Brian on- Tuesday at 3:19 PM
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This Profile No Longer Exists


Undying Love for Poetry ~

Beautiful! Glad to see your back! You've been missed!

Undying Love ~ Karen

Posted by Undying Love for Poetry ~
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A Man In Love

You're pretty hard not to notice, Terry. Great write!

Hugs, ~Rod

Posted by A Man In Love
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i liked the syle of this poem, very nice!

Posted by miranda
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Your writing is always honest and open, and that is a quality to admire. I really enjoy how this piece flows and the soft hues presented in each line.

In the first stanza, you begin in present tense, and the following lines make a change that I am not sure is intended, but doesn't seem to fit quite right.

"You felt my desire -- perhaps it should be "you feel" ?
as you sit and perspire"

The stanza in the middle has such a fantastic rhythm, I am sure it would be wonderful to hear it spoken.

"your eyes of fire
tells me how much you desire" -- in this line the verb "tells" should have no "s" since you are speaking of the eyes.

Please take the critiques for what they are. I love it when people help me here and there, and I try to do the same when I can.

So many beautiful emotions conveyed... ahh... love :) a wonderful feeling. The missing part is tough, but is this kind of pieces that remind us how much it is worth it. :)

Posted by Valeria
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