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Monday, September 10, 2007



When your mind is focused upon thoughts of the future, it is natural for you to become afraid. You're wanting to peak over the fenced of tomorrow, and glimpse into the time , just ahead with reassurance that everything will be OK. Let us do this for you now, while perfect child of God.

You have no thing about which to worry, and you have ours , gentle assurance that everything from now until tomorrow , is in perfect array. Give us your thoughts about disorder, and we will recognize them for you , until they are captured in a perfect display of faith. You really have no thing to worry about, holy Child, as you are master of your day. There's no problem , you cannot surmount today or tomorrow, and we are always around you to catch you anytime you should fall.

When you were a child in these great journey on a fall on the sidewalk, but you think it was that push your face up toward the sun . so that your tears would dry in the kiss of God's love? It was us, your child, and we shall never leave or forsake you and all your adult lifetime. We can instantly , immerse within your thoughts to help you find your way home to heaven.

Should you begin to worry about letting other person down, we ask you to leave those thoughts to us. Good angel ever let a loved one down? Remember that you are in angel, you holy Child of God. You're in angel sent to earth by him , who loves you . in his deepest essence. It is impossible that when your spots are right in your intentions heart centered, that you could lead a loved one down.

We will support you and always, and even when delays are sometimes inevitable and you wonder if God hears your prayers, never fear. We are near. We hold your hand , invisibly and guides you to the exact places and people that will cause joy to stir in your heart. Your desire to provide for your family is so sweet and love- based that God hears your prayers , knows in her that you have thought of them in your heart.

God, in his own way, weeps for his child's worries. He asked only that you let him draw nearer and nearer to your heart so that you will recall that you are not alone on this earth. He asked that you allow him to flow is unearthly love to your heart and bodily vessel, so that you may carry his precious cargo into the marketplace and exchange it for your needs to be met.

The way to heaven is within. You may wonder whether "within" is locked in how you may enter its shelter and safety from the turmoil of life. You need look no farther than your thoughts, my dear. All you need to do to calm the flames of "Anxiety" is to put your intentions upon calmness. Extinguish the belief that anxiety is a fine touch you care about a solution. God knows that you care, and he asked that you clear the way for his intervention into your life.

So right now, take three breaths and center and clear your mind for us angels to take over. Let us do the driving for a while , as you rest your weary mind and body. You worked so hard for so long, and you do deserve a rest , while we clear your heart of clouds of worry.

If it seems simple " just ask" it is because it is that simple! Simplicity is the heart of God, and the answer to your worry. Do not allow your mind to wring itself out of shape by wondering," what if this happens?" Or " what if that happens?" All those " what if's" are exhausting, and for no good reason!

We, the angels, sing a song of harmony in perfect grace. The reason for the beauty of the song is its simple melody. Let your mind be in harmony with this melody by concentrating on just one thing: love. Let this be your mantra , while you breathe in and out deeply, and fill your mind clear like the sunshine beams away fog.

You are managed to enjoy sunny days free of worry, dear child. Let us wipe away your fears with our gentle hugs. Turn your frets over to us, and we in turn will deliver them in the creator , were you will never see them returned to you again. This Angelica amnesia is our gift to you, in your freedom from worry is your gift to us.

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