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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Character Entities

Character Entities

Sometimes, you need to put special characters within a document, such as letters, copyright symbols, or even the angle brackets used to enclose HTML elements. To use such characters in an HTML document, they must be “escaped” by using a special code. All character codes take the form &code in which code is a word or numeric code indicating the actual character that you want to put onscreen. Some of the more commonly used characters are shown below;

Numeric Named Value Symbol Description
" " “ Quotation mark
& & & Ampersand
&060; < < Less than
&062; > > Greater than
&153; ™ TM trademark
&160;   Non-breaking space
&169; © Copyright symbol
&174 ® Registered trademark

While entities are easy to add, excessive use can make markup difficult to read, particularly if the characters, such as entities aren’t spaced.
The character set currently supported by HTML is ISO Latin-1 character set. Many of its characters, such as accents and special symbols, cannot be typed on all keyboards. They must be entered into HTML documents by using the appropriate code. Even if the character in question is supported on the keyboard (for example, the copyright symbol), simply typing the symbol into document directly may not produce the correct encoding. Of course, many HTML editors make the appropriate insertion for you.

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